What We Do

Activities and Goals

Changing dreams into possibilities

Africa Remote Solutions is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our villages and individuals are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

National Parks and Rangers Support


This initiative to reach our goals is by assisting and providing the rangers with equipment and advanced training. With access to the right equipment rangers can become empowered and proud in their own ability, gaining confidence to fulfill their full conservation and  anti-poaching potential.

Social welfare, Clinics and schools

kids pumping water

From the onset our primary aim is to award greater time to women and children for education in inaccessible and isolated communities.

Cycling from Maputo to Beira via Coastline Postpone due to Cyclone

kids atschool

These old water pump systems ( image above middle) are still being used in basically all remote villages. This particular pump is close to a school, a perfect distance. Kids can learn how to plant veggie’s supplying a food source to themselves. Creating excitement from planting to harvesting and enjoying the fruit for their effort. We supply the solar pumping systems, saving time and allowing more time for studying, playing or planting their own sustainable veggie gardens! 

National Parks Rangers Projects

Equipment plays a major part in anti-poaching operations. The National Parks don’t have the time or enough funds. A.R.S aims to supply these remote camps with essential gear and equipment.

Durable Bicycles

Expanding anti-poaching patrols



Patrolling vast areas (1 mil hectares) on foot for the rangers is not an easy endeavor. Illegal hunting (poaching) in our National Parks is a enormous problem. Our current project is to supply the park with heavy duty bicycles. The rangers can cover larger areas per day, finding tracks and signs of illegal hunters in those areas. Becoming part of this project you are contributing to saving our endangered wildlife. 

Our first target is supplying 100 of these bicycles by end of September 2019.

Your support can help us achieving this goal!


Remote rangers outposts

Exceptional change

Accountable action will be taken to improve rangers living environment. A.R.S pursue to help the rangers in their quest to better the commitment and actions they take, and how the poachers actions affect the Parks and environment. We aim to build more intense anti-poaching skills by sending them to attend advanced courses I.e. South African Wildlife College. With this method we intermediate to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future, reducing poaching consequently increasing species numbers.

My new video project1

Uplifting living standards

Outpost solutions

The Rangers live in remote concealed areas, most camps don’t  have electricity or even phone reception. A.R.S again makes it a important component to up lift their enclosed way of living at these out posts. To supply them with gas fridges, stoves, solar geysers etc. helps to elevate their morale. For more detailed information on this project, please contact us!

Social Welfare and Clinics Support

“The goal of environmental education is to develop a world population that is aware of, and concerned about, the environment and its associated problems, and which has the knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations, and commitment to work individually and collectively towards solutions of current problems”


Clinic and Schools

The future for schools and clinics

This specific project aims to assist remote schools and clinics. Our research has shown and taken us to many villages without water or electricity at said institutions. Because of the past there’s an enormous back-log in the remote areas. Its simply impossible for government to do this on their own. A.R.S thrive to put a smile on the faces of these left out areas. With solar panels and pumps and all needed equipment we go install, and train the locals how to run and maintain them.

Our goal, to equip 20 clinics and schools with running water by the end of 2019...you can help.


Water Drilling

Source of life

Befitting the conditions of the clinic or school. A.R.S helps pupils understand why hygiene plays an important part in their health decisions and actions. How it can affect individuals from contracting diseases. We supply running water in these remote environments where they previously had none.We address complex unhygienic issues, as well as ways how to take action to prevent them in our environment… healthy and sustainable.


Supplying Solar Water Sytems

Empowering women

Reducing wasted time by walking long distances to collect water, women now have more time furthering their education to empower themselves and supporting their children. You can become part in various ways. Helping us to get equipment, sponsoring a school or clinic or even come join us as a volunteer. Not only experiencing a magnificent country but also the beautiful people!

Cycling from Maputo to Beira via Coastline

Doing more research to pin the extend of plastic pollution

solar on roof

The road beyond

Our latest project was installing small solar systems in huts at a remote village. (Above image) They were donated by a company called Voltex Phalaborwa Branch, which we are very grateful for. The system consists of 3 lights and a USB port to charge a phone etc. Villagers use kerosene lamps or candles. It’s costly, creates bad fumes and not good for eye sight. Now young children can sit and study their school work in clean air and bright lights. All we need is the sun-and we have a lot of it! Watch the full video on the site. If you feel like donating a system, please contact us. Every bit counts!

Funds generated are going towards implementing more solar systems in remote villages. For more information on this contact us. 



Remote and Isolated Communities

Self empowerment is of great importance for a positive change towards independence and self sustainability in outlying areas. Simple first steps, running water, green electricity furthers individuals and communities to have more time empowering themselves in this rapid developing world we live in.

Time is precious to women as daily house hold responsibilities consumes what little time they have in their daily struggle for survival, thus availing women with more free time empowers themselves to be able to educate, grow and enrich not only themselves but the whole community.

Our team works hard on more solutions regarding this matter, we are very sincere gaining a positive improvement.


Recycling coastal plastic waste

With a virtual tidal wave of plastic threatening our coastlines a concerted effort is needed to save guard our coastal communities from turning in to plastic wastelands.

In these remote areas carbon footprint is of little to no importance as the daily struggle to basic needs supersede all else. By creating opportunities and setting out a framework whereby communities can create a sustainable and effective solution not only to environmental, but also socio economic problems through the development of local independent plastic recycling projects.

Thus serving not only communal needs but also preserving the environment in the process.

" If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today! "

- African Proverb -